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Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal

Vendor Assessment

After GeM registration, a vendor desires to installation an OEM to assert the possession of services and products they need to sell. Sellers are required to use Vendor Assessment on GeM to assess the credentials and nice standards. QCI contains our Vendor Assessment of OEM on the GeM Portal.

A Vendor Assessment is executed to decide the great of a product or service. Pre-assessed Vendors are tagged as VA in the front in their names at GeM Marketplace and subsequently, the self-assurance of searching for what you offer grows manifold whilst they're conscious they're transacting with Sellers whose credentials are already validated and authenticated.

At present, Vendor Assessment is carried out via way of means of the Quality Council of India (QCI). The QCI Vendor Assessment is carried out online, and the charge must be paid at once to QCI. It is a crucial step for comparing the credentials and great requirements of the vendor. After Video Assessment, the vendor receives the OEM Panel or OEM certificates in GeM.

Who can apply for Vendor Assessment on GeM?

Who can apply for Vendor Assessment on GeM?

Vendor Assessment is obligatory for dealers who need to take part withinside the public procurement of Q1 and Q2 class merchandise on GeM.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can observe for Vendor Assessment if they are:

  • Manufacturing Unit
  • Assembling Unit
  • Third-Party producer without or with Brand Name
  • GeM Vendor Assessment Fees
    Vendor Assessment Validity in GeM
    Vendor Assessment Exemption on GeM
    The authorities rate for QCI Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal is ₹11,200 + GST. The validity of the Vendor Assessment in the GeM Portal is three years. Sellers are unfastened to copy the evaluation even earlier than the expiry of validity. Entities having NSIC certificates are exempted from Vendor Assessment on GeM Portal.

    Documents Required for GeM Vendor Assessment

    Documents for Desktop Assessment Documents for Desktop Assessment

    Following is the listing of preliminary information and files to be provided with the aid of using dealers for sporting out Vendor Assessment on GeM:

    1. Process Capability

  • The process goes with the drift diagram of the Firm from receiving paintings order to consumer delivery.
  • The value-including procedures from Input Raw fabric to Finished goods (for every product category).
  • 2. Production Capacity

  • List of all of the machines worried withinside the production process.
  • Overall month-to-month production ability of the Firm, such as manufacturing mix.
  • Production logs or manufacturing precise reviews for the remaining three months to reveal the month-to-month usage of the ability towards the producing ability.
  • Purchase orders of the custom-designed item (custom-designed product for every client consistent with the specification given via way of means of them).
  • 3. Quality

  • Document displaying high-satisfactory guarantee plan for all of the products.
  • Documents displaying part-clever inspection plan for all of the products.
  • 4. Territory Operation

  • Minimum four buy orders for exclusive places to expose the Firm’s territory of operation.
  • Document displaying the Standard Operating Procedure for transportation to supply defect-unfastened products.
  • 5. Suppliers

  • Document displaying call and deal with of authorized providers together with ultimate amount furnished and invoices (if any).
  • Document to expose provider overall performance tracking system/ provider score mechanism.
  • 6. Rejected Material

  • Procedure deployed through the Firm detailing the dealing with of rejected fabric for the duration of the producing process.
  • 7. Complaints

  • Document for manner detailing the dealing with patron complaints.
  • 8. Safety

  • Standard Operating Procedure Manual of protection standards.
  • 9. Warranty

  • Sample of product guarantee record furnished through the Firm.
  • 10. Research & Development

  • Document and photographs of R & D middle, showcasing the centers and system inside the middle.
  • Document and photographs of the R & D middle of the determined company, showcasing the centers and system inside the middle.
  • Document displaying collaboration with top-rate R & D institutes for product development/new product/great improvement.
  • Patent or copyright of latest products.
  • List and photographs of the prototype (if any).
  • Vendor Assessment Process

    Process of Vendor Assessment for GeM in two stages:

    1. Desktop Assessment:

    The seller will put up facts and files withinside the Desktop Assessment stage, and if any discrepancy is found, then non-compliance may be raised.

    2. Video Assessment:

    Video Assessment may be carried out through a professional the usage of the mobile-primarily based utility via video calling. It will validate the whole method submitted through the seller via files in Desktop Assessment.

    Desktop Assessment on GeM

    The number one degree of the Vendor Assessment procedure is Desktop Assessment, wherein QCI validates the information and files of the entity. The goal is to recognize the procedure, policy, procedure, and overall performance of an entity.

    The Vendor Assessment for OEMs is primarily based totally on 3 large parameters:

  • Physical location (supplier profile)
  • Financial capacity
  • Production capability
  • The producer has to claim a few primary facts first in conjunction with files as proof:

  • Does the manufacturing of the product take region at one site?
  • How many webweb sites are there?
  • Complete cope with of the production site(s).
  • GSTIN of the producing site (GSTIN certificate).
  • Desktop Assessment process
    Video Assessment on GeM Portal Video Assessment on GeM Portal

    Video Assessment on GeM

    After Desktop Assessment, the statistics are established via a Video Assessment. It is performed through a QCI auditor the use of the mobile-primarily based totally utility via video calling. In this manner, QCI validates the whole manner submitted through the seller via files in Desktop Assessment.

    The info and files of the Video Assessment need to suit the ones furnished in Desktop Assessment. The seller has to byskip the Video Assessment to get OEM approval from the Quality Council of India (QCI). Read to understand greater approximately the video evaluation manner and first-class practices to keep away from rejection.

    Pre-requirements of Video Assessment

    The Video Assessment is achieved through video calling. Therefore, it's far endorsed to maintain the subsequent centers equipped earlier than the Video Assessment:

  • An android phone, ideally Samsung, One plus, Redmi (Mi), Motorola, etc., and supported android model five and above.
  • A piece of headphones/earphones with a microphone.
  • Install GeM Video Assessment App from Google Play store.
  • High-pace net connection, which goes properly in the production web page.
  • The production web page must be in an operating situation to reveal the producing system of the goods with all of the machines on the web web page alongside manpower.
  • The fine supervisor must be to be had to provide an explanation for and depict the system of fine warranty of the product.
  • Documents and certificate for R&D, patent, and prototype (if to be had).
  • Video Assessment Method

    The Video Assessment method includes 5 important parts:

  • Introduction
  • Question & Answer
  • Inspection of Raw Material Stores
  • Production or Assembling Process Examination
  • Verification / Photography Session
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