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GeM Consultancy Services Disclosure Policy mainly deals with us disclosing your information to third-parties that work in collaboration with our company. Please note that this policy will be treated as a component of our Terms Of Use and will be incorporated within the same. In order to use their services crucial for the functionality and improvement of our website and the services we provide, we collaborate with certain third-party entities. If you are continuing with the use of our services and/or visiting our website passport-registration.online, you will be assumed to have agreed to the third-parties mentioned in the policy using certain information you provided us and/or the information we automatically collected from you within the realms of this policy. It is advisable to read the policy carefully before indulging into any significant activities.

Which Third-parties Do We Collaborate With?
    As mentioned earlier, the third-parties are the entities or organizations that offer their services to us, helping us in running our business in a better way. A list of some of such third-parties is given below:
  • Our Business Partners
  • Our Suppliers
  • Search Engine Providers
  • Analytics Providers
  • Advertising Networks
  • Private Advertisers
  • Marketing and Sales Partners
  • Payment Partners
Our Acknowledgement
    In response to the complaint you register, we would send you an acknowledgement regarding the same within not more than three days of receiving the complaint receipt. The acknowledgment would contain the following details:
  • Date of receiving the receipt of your complaint
  • Your Unique Grievance Number
  • The date by which your grievance is expected to get resolved
  • Name and designation
  • Contact details of the concerned office
  • The mode or method used for your grievance redressal (using your Unique Grievance Number)

When we collaborate with these entities, their tools, ads or services might appear on our websites, which would result in the information collected by our company from you being shared with these third-parties as well. Before getting into any business with us, you should know that your information might be used by these entities, mainly for marketing purposes. These third-parties might use technologies like Cookies, pixels, web beacons, session and local storage etc in order to track your activity on our website or the website of these parties. They might also receive information about the apps you use on your browsing device, the ads you click on, the outbound links you open from our website and information about your non-precise location. Also, it is important for you to note that apart these methods of retrieving data, we might also share some of your information with these entities in order to improve our services, make a thorough assessment of the same and indulge into productive research and analysis. Ultimately, this is only going to benefit you as our customers as all our services are designed to suit your needs. This collaboration and sharing of information would also help us maintain better and more effective communication with our customers. Here are few of such third-parties explained in detail:

Partners Collaborating For Analytics

These are the partners that are expert in making useful analyses of your activities on our website. They make sense of your actions and help us in understanding important matters, such as the way you navigate through the features on our site, the pages you visit frequently, the ads you click on, the searches you conduct on our web pages etc. Keeping a tab of these actions help us enhance and modify our services. Google is the most common analytics partner any organization can have as they are highly effective, accurate and also provide choices about their methods of collection and use of relevant data. Google Analytics

Social Networking Partners

Apart from giving an option to our customers to sign up to our services using their respective social media accounts, we also incorporate buttons and widgets belonging to various social media platforms that allow sharing of our content on the concerned social media forum. When you use such buttons and widgets, you allow the concerned social media platform to use some of your basic information, such as the IP address of your browsing device. This may lead to the concerned partner being able to identify you through the widget you use when you visit another site with the same widget, even if you are not interacting with the tool. Google India Pvt.Ltd.

Partners That Are Service Providers

These are the partners that are hired by us in order to obtain certain specific services from them on our website. These partners ultimately help us run our business and provide you with various services as getting a service provider is as good as outsourcing a certain service of your organization. The most commonly used service providing partners are chat service providers and payment providers. Chat service providers set up their separate tool on our website that facilitates chatting between our customers and our executives. On the other hand, payment providers help our customers make payment for our services through their platform.

    It is important to note that some of your information may also be disclosed to these service providers when you use their services on our platform. While there is no issue with regards to chat service providers, you need to be careful when it comes to payment providers. Though we make double sure that the payment providers we hire are trust-worthy and would secure your personal data, it is always advisable to go through the privacy policies of these third-parties before initiating any transaction with them. As the majority of these service providers ask for certain permissions from you while you are using their services, make sure you understand what they are asking and give them permissions only for practices you feel are secure for your data.
  • Payment Service Provider
  • Hosting and Datacenter
  • Public Media Solutions
  • Marketing Service Providers
  • Google India Private Limited

Please note that the third-parties affiliated with our company may change without you being notified and it is highly advisable to check who are the important and relevant entities we are collaborating with from time to time.