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GeM Product Listing Services

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What are Product Listing Services?

Product Listing Types

The Indian Government has released an evident e-trade portal, called Government e-Marketplace (GeM). Any small provider or a producer who has a GeM registration in his enterprise can get the right of entry to the extensive platform. There he can promote his services and products to the prominent customers from the Government area or PSUs, who have a large requirement for his supplies.

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM), is a business-pleasant platform that allows clever online procurement of Goods & Services required via the way of the Government Departments and Organizations.

Very importantly, upon the GeM registration technique, the dealers, producers, and carrier vendors ought to list their merchandise & offerings on their GeM login. This technique is referred to as Product listing on Government e-Marketplace. It’s handiest whilst the product list is authorized via means of the GeM Authority, that the GeM merchandise of the vendor will move to the Government e-Marketplace.

The Procedure of Product Listing on
Government e-Marketplace

There are several steps involved in listing products on the GeM. Products or services are only offered for sale on the GeM portal after successful approval. These steps can vary depending on the type of GeM provider. Here are 5 easy steps to listing products on the government e-marketplace.


The traders having GeM registration as sellers need to mention the General specifications of product given below:

  • Category of the Product & their sub-category
  • Name of the product
  • Product Description
  • Brand of product
  • Product Model
  • HSN Code (Harmonized System of Nomenclature Code)
  • SKU id (Stock Keeping Unit Id)

    Sellers are required to report the available stock levels of the product. This will help government buyers order products only up to what is available.


    Sellers registered with GeM must indicate the price of their product. Different price types must be specified below:

  • MRP
  • offer price (including all taxes) of GeM product.
  • It is important to note that the offer price must be 10% lower than the MRP.

    Sellers on the Government eMarketplace are now required to provide all necessary technical information about the product in terms of: size, height, weight, dimensions, quality, color and its use, as well as all other aspects relevant to that product.


    Very essentially, the dealers ought to add very clean pics of the product. The product photo ought to deliver a clear view of the product. This will assist the authorities shoppers to understand the product.
    This is the very expository level and the investors who have the GeM registration as a dealer ought to take a few precautions once they add photos in their merchandise on Government e-Marketplace.
    Know extra regarding GeM product listing.

    Procedure of Product Listing on GeM Portal

    Precautions while transmitting Product Images

    Given under are a few pointers to add photographs on GeM login:

  • Upload best the real photograph of the product. It needs to have an easy white heritage and no watermark, logo, or any type of identification.
  • Maximum Image size: 300KB
  • Acceptable file format: jpg or png
  • Three photographs are needed, center-aligned. They need to display the product virtually from three extraordinary angles.
  • Product photographs need to fulfill the technical criteria.
  • No Product description, certification is allowed.
  • Incomplete product photographs, diagrams, or sketches aren't allowed.
  • Edited photographs and the usage of numerous tools aren't allowed.
  • Only unmarried product photographs are allowed.
  • Images of product packaging, carton, or outer bundle aren't allowed.
  • The name of your organization over the Product photographs isn’t allowed.
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