Advantage for Seller on GeM Portal

  • Access to National Public Procurement Market
  • Public procurement refers to the process by which public authorities, such as government departments or local authorities, purchase work, goods or services from companies.

  • No Charges or Fee
  • GeM portal is a one stop solution for all of your needs. It is an online marketplace hosted by DGS&D. GeM registration is completely free. It is truly a platform of transparency. to register on GeM for free visit website

  • Special Provisions and sections for startups, MSMEs and Emporium Products
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the Startup India Campaign in 2016 to boost entrepreneurship in India. The action plan aimed at financing for startups, simplifying the incorporation of startup process and grant of various tax exemptions and other benefits to startups.

  • Fully online, Paperless and Contactless Platform
  • National Mission on Government e Marketplace (GeM) will be launched on 05-09-2018 to accelerate the adoption and use of GeM by major central Ministries, State Governments and their agencies. The aim of the National Mission is to promote inclusiveness, transparency and efficiency in public procurement and achieve cashless, contactless and paperless transaction.

  • Brand application and Brand approval Process has been revamped for Sellers
  • To get your brand approved on the Government e-Marketplace, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria and pass the quality assessment audit. From giving you complete and extensive details on the procedures involved to the list of documents required, we provide comprehensive training of each step. Gaining brand approval allows businesses to list and sell their products or services on GeM easily.

  • Easy access to Participate in Bids/Reverse Auction.
  • Clock has been enabled in RA to display remaining time for Seller Participation.
  • Online Grievance Redressal mechanism for quick resolution.
  • All Sellers will be shown reasons for rejection.
  • Seller friendly dashboard for monitoring supplies & payments.
  • Seller belonging to North East States and J & K are exempted from ITR at the time of Bid Participation.
  • Dynamic Pricing- Price can be changed based on Market Conditions.
  • Direct Access to Government Departments and their Organizations.

If you need guidance on GeM Registration & Tender Bidding , feel free to contact our team.